• We, at Abbott India, are redoubling our efforts to make quality branded pharmaceutical products accessible to more people in the country. We launched 21 new products this year and are gearing up to introduce over 100 new products.
  • During the year, all our business units performed well and contributed to the overall success of the Company. Eight out of our top ten products remained at No 1 in their respective therapy segments and these ten products contributed to over 70% of the core business.
  • Our Sales growth of 12.8% was driven by multiple multiple business imperatives. The first and foremost was restructuring our product portfolio into key business areas – Women’s Health, Gastroenterology, Consumer Care, CNS, Metabolics, General Care and Vaccines. Among these, Women’s Health grew by 19.1%, Vaccines grew by 59.7% and Metabolics grew by 15.3%.
  • Key brands in Women’s Health & Gastrointestine (WH & GI), Gastroenterology, GI Prospera and GI Advance are Duphaston | Udiliv Cremaffin | Duphalac | Creon | Heptral. Key brands in Specialty Care (Metabolics and Central Nervous System) are Thyronorm | Vertin Prothiaden. Key brands in GenNext and Vaccines are Influvac | Enteroshield | Brufen Arachitol Nano. Key brands in Consumer Care are Digene | Citrosoda | Rashfree.
  • We also continued to strengthen our brand identity, through our much appreciated campaign “Real Film. Real Heroes”, depicting how breakthrough innovations from Abbott have helped people live fuller and healthier lives. The campaign, coupled with our value-added knowledge sharing initiatives, has ensured that the Company remains at the forefront with consumers and Healthcare Professionals.
  • We are here to help people lead fuller, healthier lives. And in this mission, it is imperative for us to gain patient insights. We also leverage technology to connect and engage with various stakeholders. Notable initiatives include Thyroweight, the country’s largest Thyroid Awareness program where we reached 3.5 Crore people this year and the Mothers against Influenza(MAI) campaign that aimed at increasing awareness about the need for vaccination. Another high impact campaign in the year was breaking taboos with #Constipation Conversations.
  • As we set our eye on the future, rapid inroads into sub-therapies, accelerated new product launches, innovative marketing and deployment of digital tools, steady deepening of relationships with the doctor, pharmacist, patient trio, continued strengthening and expansion of our brand portfolio, and the collective living of a shared vision by an over 3,300 strong employee pool, will continue to be the central levers of our growth momentum.
  • Abbott India has taken a leadership role in the industry in implementing patient awareness and doctor engagement programs. We use the latest technology tools and adopt innovative, integrated, omni-channel marketing strategies. These efforts help our sales force create a unique positioning for Abbott India in the minds of our stakeholders.
  • The significant increase in other income is mainly on account of income generated from assignment of trade marks amounting to Rs. 45.3 crores.
  • IMS Health has forecasted the Indian Pharmaceutical Market to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 9.7% between 2017 and 2022, reaching approximately Rs. 2000 billion by 2022.
  • For the near future, after an in-depth overview of our strength and our market leading position, we identified specific opportunities to leverage for growth. Some of these are: Shape therapies to accelerate existing key brands; Provide services that go beyond just the pill; Increase portfolio depth through the launch of new products in our existing therapy area; Focus on internal talent development, engagement, retention and capability building; Digital differentiation and use of technology.


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