• For over seven decades, we have taken inspiration from life itself to be able to partner customer aspirations and transform their living spaces. Through this journey, we have evolved as professional creators and curators of colours and designs that encourage patrons to enrich their way of life.
  • We operate in 16 countries and have 25 paint manufacturing facilities globally, catering to consumers in over 60 countries.
  • The Indian economy faced headwinds from three directions, compounding the impact on businesses. The Goods & Services Tax (GST), the long-debated and often delayed tax reform was finally introduced on 1st July, 2017.
  • Despite these challenges, Asian Paints continued to maintain strong doubledigit growth, slightly ahead of the industry. This performance was driven by continuous expansion of the distribution network, an enhanced product portfolio and introduction of new product and service delivery models.
  • Going forward, the uncertainty is likely to continue in the current financial year, the economy gradually absorbs the impact of GST, impending elections across many states and the general elections will add to the instability. However, I am equally certain of the Company’s capabilities to scout for opportunities amidst this volatility and drive the business forward with temerity and resoluteness.
  • By the end of the year, things seemed to have calmed down with all businesses recovering and growing. While it is still too early to confidently state the fourth quarter does show signs of recovering demand – both in urban and rural markets. However, as the year progressed, raw material inflation was observed, which peaked in the fourth quarter with raw materials (essentially crude based) prices rising sharply along with the fall in the Indian Rupee.
  • In such a scenario, our main business of Architectural Coatings in India fared well, marginally increasing its market share through growths in Projects, Wood Finishes and Economy Interior Emulsions. Many new product launches were successful – Royale Atmos, Ultima Duralife, Tractor Shyne Emulsion – all leading to gain in market share.
  • On the channel front, we opened more than 4,000 retail outlets bringing our total strength to over 52,000, which includes over 42,000 Colourworlds and 380 Colourideas.
  • In 2017-18, over 35% of the power consumed in our manufacturing plants came from renewable sources (solar and wind).
  • Homes are personal spaces that reflect personalities and inspire ideas. They shape moods and drive emotions. We, at Asian Paints, understand the need to find the inspiration to create a home that mirrors our style while being functional and comfortable.
  • We have defined targets on reducing electricity consumption and increasing the share of renewable energy as a proportion of the total consumption.



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