• The future potential for GCPL is tremendous. Our focus continues to be on driving market-leading, sustainable and profitable growth. Our new products launched in the last 5 years account for 20 per cent of our global growth and 35 per cent of India growth.
  • It has been a difficult last couple of years for the Home and Personal Care category in India and growth was adversely impacted. Despite these challenges, we outperformed and delivered best-in-class, double-digit volume-led growth. Our EBITDA growth was also very strong.
  • Establishing a strong foothold in Africa continues to be key to our strategy, in terms of business size today, as well as potential for the future. Our largest investment as a company, of INR 4,000 crore, is in Africa. Today, catering to the hair care needs of women of African descent contributes to 21 per cent of our revenues. We intend to double this in the next 4 years.
  • African American women in the US today spend 3 times the amount on and twice the time as compared to the rest of the market, on hair care. We believe that this category overall is very underserved in terms of product innovation and brand delight. The acquisition of Strength of Nature in the US, a leading player in ethnic hair care, has catapulted us to become one of the largest players globally, serving the hair care needs of women of African descent. We have developed a new brand architecture for our Darling brand, which is the leader in hair extensions in the sub-continent. We are gearing up for a big relaunch to position Darling as a more modern, fashion-forward brand.
  • Despite the seasonal challenges, our Households Insecticides performance in India should have been much better. Our new product development rates were also lower than what we had aspired for. We are geared up to bring this back on track this year through an exciting set of new launches. In our Africa cluster, both our top line and bottom line performance was below our expectations. While the macroeconomic environment in several geographies did not work in our favour, we should have executed better. The Africa cluster holds tremendous potential and we remain very committed to building a strong business in the region.
  • We have identified a set of five key priorities for the year ahead. First, we want to step up the pace of organic growth across our geographies.The second is to strengthen our go-to-market approach. Third, we will continue to make investments in digital marketing and analytics. Our fourth priority is to instill our purpose and values in a much deeper way in GCPL. And fifth, is to deliver profitable, sustainable growth.
  • Your Company has delivered another year of competitive and profitable growth. Our focused approach and strong execution have enabled us to deliver an ahead-of-market performance over the past few years. During the fiscal year 2017-18, we reported a sales growth of 3 per cent (on a consolidated basis) and an EBITDA growth of 10 per cent. In India, we continued to deliver a superior performance, with a sales growth of 10 per cent (adjusted for GST), gaining shares across most key brands. We forayed into the professional hair care with the launch of Godrej Professional. In Goodknight, we introduced Power Chip, an electric solution infused with unique gel technology, and a higher efficacy liquid vapouriser.
  • R&D has played a pivotal role in developing new technologies in AER, Hair Colours, Personal Wash, and HI areas. Strong R&D-led initiatives with innovative projects have led to successful launches of several new products in the marketplace in the current fiscal year. Your company has entered into a professional business space with highly innovative products with exotic ingredients. The company has launched high- efficacy and cost-effective mosquito repellant product in the household category. R&D has played a pivotal role in improving cost optimization across product categories by contributing through both product- and process-related innovations and improvements. We believe that the three key pillars of consumer centricity, new product development, and training-led skill upgradation will continue to propel your Company ahead of competition in its strategy of innovation-led value creation.
  • R&D shall continue to play a key role in the advancement and successful execution of newer innovations in the marketplace, for both domestic and international business. Our R&D team shall constantly endeavour to deliver superior innovative products, thereby delighting both domestic and international customers.

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