• Since our inception, our credo at Info Edge has been straightforward: ‘Change is a Constant’. Time and time again — starting from the very beginning — we have consciously chosen, anticipated and adopted to rapidly changing customer preferences and business dynamics. This proven ability to change, and do so faster and more comprehensively than our competitors, lies at the heart of Info Edge’s success.
  • Company crossed the total income figure of Rs. 10 billion for the first time in FY 2018. This was achieved by nurturing and developing the Company’s brands, generating adequate returns and strategically ploughing these back into the brands for establishing further market leadership.
  • At the end of FY2018, naukri.com alone had 57 million résumés in its database, with 17,000 of these being added daily. That’s the size of our customer base in one of our businesses. It is our avowed duty to keep every one of these job-seekers happy, so that they consider what we offer them is the best that they have ever come across.
  • Today, our flagship brand, naukri.com, is the clear leader in India, and this dominant positioning is the key to its success and growth. Being the recognised market leader by a wide margin, naukri.com benefits from a virtuous circle: maximum traffic that results in most responses, which attracts the most clients leading to the largest number of job postings, which propels the next round of increased customer traffic.
  • Our online real estate business — 99acres.com — is also a market leader. It is further strengthening its leadership position to reach a point where it creates its own virtuous cycle of growth driven by market leadership: one that gets the most real estate listings, gets the most traffic, gets the most responses, thus generating more clients and takes the site to a higher level of listings. Two of our other brands — jeevansathi.com (online matrimonial) and shiksha. com (online education information services) — are also fast gaining traction in their niche markets.
  • Among our investee companies, zomato.com and policybazaar.com are leaders in their business space.
  • Our challenge today is to be well ahead of the curve in terms of our offerings — which can only be done by serious use of the newest technologies and transforming many of these into cutting edge apps. Today, Info Edge is deep into AI, big data, machine learning, semantic search for analysing CVs and the cloud. In Info Edge, the emphasis on smart technology is greater than ever before, and it will be even greater still with every passing year. These cutting edge initiatives are transforming our feet-on- street client interactions to more technology driven client support. And there will be more to follow.
  • During FY 2018, Info Edge added to its ‘investee company’ portfolio by investing in four new start-ups. These were: i) Wishbook, which is a B2B cataloguing app and marketplace connecting manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and sellers; (ii) Univariety, a career and university admission counselling platform for class 9 to 12 students; (iii) NoPaperForms, which is a SaaS based enrolment management solution for educational institutions; and (iv) Gramophone, which serves agriculture commerce and crop advisory for farmers.
  • The online education classifieds business in India is expected to grow rapidly in the near future. Consequently, it is attracting newer players and competition is starting to get aggressive. While education institutions and foreign universities are big spenders in the print media, their online transformation is happening at a gradual pace. shiksha.com – the newest business in Info Edge’s standalone portfolio – is the Company’s offering in the online education classifieds space. At a very early stage of development, product and market developments are being undertaken in a calibrated manner to appropriately position the business with optimal utilisation of capital. The website has been strategically positioned as a platform that helps students decide undergraduate and postgraduate options, by providing useful information on careers, exams, colleges and courses.
  • Info Edge has widened the scope of its business by investing in brands that have been conceptualised and developed by separate enterprises. Such investments are a judicious mix of equity and loans and designed to incorporate multiple rounds of investments based on growth potential. These investments are as much into new ideas and products as it is on the management teams. Hence, Info Edge plays a supervisory role and provides support wherever possible, while allowing organisationally separate entrepreneurially-led management teams to develop the businesses. Though the overall objective of these investments is to diversify and extend Info Edge’s presence across the online business landscape of the country, the financial structuring of the individual investments differ. For some of these investments there is direct impact in the consolidated accounts, for others the progress of these businesses only affect the valuation of investments in Info Edge’s balance sheet.
  • While adopting a cautious approach to these investments, the Company is aware of the risks and the continuous requirement to fund losses during the initial phase of development of these businesses. It recognises the importance of fostering creativity, new ideation and technology development to essentially incubate, develop and grow such new business models in the internet based services industry. It is also important to note that most of the investee companies are in the initial phase of development and are positioned for long term value creation.
My view: The Annual Report is an interesting read for the unique internet businesses that the company runs. Anyone who’s interested in the company should read it as they’ve put out tons of useful information there.

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