• We help our clients transform their organization to become a Live Enterprise by reimagining the enterprise in a way that strengthens its digital capabilities, progresses its operating model for the digital era and transforms its talent holistically. This annual report gives you a glimpse into that path to the Live Enterprise. The path to the evolution of the enterprise and amplified human productivity. Navigated with Infosys.
  • At Infosys, our work across industries, value chains, and geographies, gives us keen insights into the pattern of changes impacting the fundamental wiring across a diverse set of businesses, and we believe with this understanding, we can help our clients pick up the right signals and work out what’s next.
  • We are seeing like never before, that distribution is power. Digital natives are using their Direct to Consumer channels to create learning machines that let them gain an acute understanding of their consumers, and create unique, continually improving experiences for each of them.Platform companies are bringing customers more choices by moving quickly into adjacencies or by unbundling traditional value chains to reassemble new business models where the source of revenue is completely different.
  • Over the past year, we have been working relentlessly to rebuild a 200,000+ people organization to operate with the speed and agility of a startup. We are reforming root and branch, replacing legacy systems and mindsets, dissolving thick encrusted silos, energizing the believers and converting the sceptics.
  • We’ve had an exceptional year! Thanks to our clients and our employees. Our approach to help our clients ‘Navigate your next’ resulted in increased client relevance driven by the four pillars of scaling our agile digital business, energizing the core, expanding our employee skills, and localization. As we look back at fiscal 2019, this strategic direction has yielded strong results. Our clients have increased their trust in us. Our overall revenues grew by 9% in constant currency terms, to reach US$11.8 billion. Our digital revenue grew by over 30% annually and in Q4 is 34% of our business.
  • Our acquisitions of Brilliant Basics, WongDoody, and Fluido are seeing strong traction with our clients and are helping us build a newer, more powerful digital capability set.
  • After some years of change, we have seen a year of stability with a steady leadership team, ready to engage with our clients and ready to drive our superior delivery capability.
  • Our principal sources of liquidity are cash and cash equivalents, current investments and the cash flow that we generate from our operations. We continue to be debt-free and maintain sufficient cash to meet our strategic and operational requirements. We understand that liquidity in the Balance Sheet has to balance between earning adequate returns and the need to cover financial and business requirements. Liquidity enables us to be agile and ready for meeting unforeseen strategic and business needs. We believe that our working capital is sufficient to meet our current requirements.
  • Our client-centric approach continues to bring us high levels of client satisfaction. We derived 97.3% of our consolidated revenues from repeat business this fiscal. We, along with our subsidiaries, added 345 new clients, including a substantial number of large global corporations. Our total client base at the end of the year stood at 1,279.
  • We added 2.75 million sq. ft. of physical infrastructure space during the year. The total available space as on March 31, 2019 stands at 49.32 million sq. ft. We have presence in 191 locations across 46 countries as on March 31, 2019.
  • The Infosys Innovation Fund identifies early-stage startup companies developing innovative, next-generation solutions and technologies in the areas of AI and machine learning, Big Data and analytics, convergence of physical and digital processes, technology infrastructure management, cloud systems and cybersecurity. The Fund partners with startups by providing early-stage capital and in helping bring their innovations to market, attaining scale, product validation and customer introductions.
  • The Infosys brand is a key intangible asset for the Company. It positions Infosys as a next-generation digital services company that helps enterprises navigate their digital transformation. Brand Infosys is built around the premise that our three decades of experience in managing the systems and workings of global enterprises uniquely positions us to be navigators for our clients. We do it by enabling the enterprise with an AI-powered core that helps prioritize the execution of change. We also empower the business with Agile Digital at scale to deliver unprecedented levels of performance and customer delight.
  • Our clients and prospective clients are faced with transformative business opportunities due to the advances in software and computing technology. The journey to the digital future requires not just an understanding of new technologies and new ways of working, but a deep appreciation of existing technology landscapes, business processes and practices. Our strategy is to be a navigator for our clients as they ideate, plan and execute their journey to a digital future.

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