• Every venture reaches that stage where channelling through new doors of newer opportunities become the way forward. It is imperative to feed a business’s curiosity by way of constant branching and expansion.
  • We, at Metropolis, identified our expansionary stage. We evaluated where we stood and knew it was time to penetrate deeper into markets with tremendous potential. Diagnostic services demand responsible execution. Our promise of reliability, quality assurance and wide range of best-in-class services make us one of the preferred choices of our customers. Having been in the diagnostics industry for over 35 years, we are now ready to notch our business higher and explore growth avenues with better and wider range of services.
  • MHL categorises tests into Routine tests:
    1. Routine tests: Blood chemistry analyses, blood cell counts and urine examination
    2. Semi-specialized: Thyroid function tests, viral and bacterial cultures, histology, cytology and infectious disease tests
    3. Specialized tests: Coagulation studies, autoimmunity tests, cytogenetics and molecular diagnostics.
  • Metropolis has invested in a variety of specialized tests and also adopted several advanced tests and technologies introduced in the global market. As on date, the Company offers 2,799 specialized tests. One of the prime reasons behind the Company’s leading position in the diagnostics industry is its track record of introducing specialized tests.
  • We are the pathology specialists. We believe in truths. We are convinced that every human being deserves to know truths, especially if they are about inner health. And our aim is to present these truths in the most human way possible.
  • We are honest. We are committed. We are compassionate. We are willing to go the extra mile. We are Metropolis, the most trusted pathology chain in India.
  • Our network comprises of 119 clinical laboratories, 1,761 Individual Patient Touch Points & 9,575 Institutional Touch Points. Our comprehensive network is well positioned to service our patients efficiently in the markets we operate. We will continue to expand diligently in a bid to go closer to the patient and establish our presence in newer markets.
  • It gives me immense satisfaction to pen down this message as the Chairman of Metropolis Healthcare Ltd. It has been a long and humbling journey for me personally to see Metropolis grow as a reputed and trusted pathology brand all across India and markets in Africa. I started out with a single minded focus on putting our patients first and a relentless pursuit in delivering accurate results and quality reports. Our scientific vision has remained constant and each day is a new step ahead in delivering the utmost customer experience; whether it is growing our test menu, growing our network or just being there for the patient at their most anxious times.
  • More than 70% of medical decisions today are based on diagnostic reports. My team of doctors is constantly in touch with clinicians, work in tandem and help them diagnose and make treatment decisions for their patients. Be it a simple blood sugar test or a complicated molecular genetic test, we have built in all the capabilities to deliver the absolute best.
  • Each Metropolitan is acutely aware of the fact that patients turn to us during their most anxious times and our team of doctors are always keen to support patient queries and also at times speak with patient’s clinician to help with treatment decisions. This single most differentiator sets us apart and has placed us on a higher pedestal today.
  • Another concern has been governments imposing price caps during endemic seasons for tests like Dengue and other vector borne diseases. In a recent judgment, the court halted Maharashtra government’s two year order for capping Dengue testing prices at Rs600, on the ground that prima facie due procedures were not followed. This has been supportive for Diagnostics labs who have been arguing that states have no jurisdiction in fixing prices.
  • Price control goes hand in hand with putting minimum standards in place. Regulation coming in to play means that diagnostic chains who invest in quality, compliance and accreditations will finally have a level playing field with smaller run of the mill laboratories that conduct operations with no standards in place.
  • Our ‘Direct-to-Doctors’ approach involves employing a focused sales and support team to forge meaningful relationships with clinicians to help improve patient care. The basic vision behind this aim is increasing business from individual patients. The focused sales team of MHL will further be supported by a technical team ensuring quality compliance at various patient touch points.

My view: I feel that the company has grown quite well over the past many years, plus their competition isn’t Dr Lal or SRL, it is the local diagnostic players! As an additional disclosure, I am invested in both Dr Lal and Metropolis and plan to add more as they deliver.

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