• We, at Navin Fluorine, are committed to be a world-class, customer-focused, innovative organisation in the field of fine and specialty chemicals and partner of choice to global air conditioner manufacturers and crop sciences and life sciences companies.
  • Sold under the Mafron® brand, the Navin Fluorine HCFC22 refrigerant gas was one of the earliest products of its kind in India. The Company provides this product to all major airconditioning and refrigeration OEMs in the domestic and international markets. The Company is also a significant supplier to the after-market for refrigerant gases.
  • Growth drivers: Very low market penetration for air-conditioners and, hence, greater potential for growth; Growing disposable incomes and other positive macroeconomic developments;  Favourable weather pattern leading to escalating sales of refrigeration products; Increasing demand as feedstock use
  • Navin Fluorine commissioned one of the largest anhydrous hydrofluoric and aqueous hydrofluoric acid manufacturing capacities in India. The Company provides a portfolio of ~10 products.
  • Navin Fluorine is one of the strongest players in the specialty fluoro intermediate segment. The Company services prominent global players from the life science, crop science and petrochemicals industries, among others. The Company invested in state-of-the-art multipurpose plants to process value-accretive products and intermediates. This enabled the Company to consistently graduate across the value-chain.
  • More than 50 years of fluorination experience helped Navin Fluorine strengthen its CRAMS competence. The Company is a reliable partner for global life science innovators seeking fluorination services. Navin Fluorine’s state-of-the-art CRAMS infrastructure at Dewas has strengthened its value proposition. The Company successfully integrated Manchester Organics Ltd into Navin Fluorine India, providing a flexibility to service global life science customers from multiple locations.
  • The basis of our existence across the last five decades has been a single-minded focus on fluorine. Anyone would say that a single-minded attention only narrows one’s field of vision. The reality is the reverse. Our focus has made it possible to penetrate deeper into the subject, strengthen research and widen our product portfolio, applications, customer base, geographic presence and value chain.
  • To reinforce our value proposition within the fluorination space, we continue to identify and develop new platforms in chemistry and engineering.
  • We are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Boron Trifluoride gas. At Navin Fluorine, our continuing focus is to identify and develop new products that enjoy a wide range of applications and offer us an opportunity to not only focus on market share but also market expansion. In doing so, we constantly look at the possibility of moving upstream and downstream across the value chain in an effort to maximise value and minimise risks.
  • Our relentless focus on fluorination has served us well over the past few decades. To further reinforce our value proposition within the fluorination space, we continue to identify and develop new platforms in chemistry and engineering. With the help of these platforms and through our multiple manufacturing plants and R&D sites, we are able to offer increased scale, faster response and sustainable processes.
  • The Company’s EBITDA grew every single year through the last five years. The Company was able to grow its EBITDA over the years – an outcome of painstaking team efforts in improving operational efficiency. The Company’s net profit grew every single year through the last six years.
  • The global Life sciences market was estimated at US$934.8 billion in 2017 and could reach US$1,170 billion in 2021, catalyzing fluorine consumption.
  • The Company’s longstanding relationships with the customers helped optimise raw material costs.
  • The China factor: The Chinese fluorine industry has been one of the fastest developing chemical industries. China is one of the largest fluorine production and consumption areas worldwide. The Chinese government turned its attention to environmental protection from 2016. China deepened regulatory investigations to enhance production safety and moderate environment pollution.
  • A rapidly growing demand of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems in the industrial and domestic sectors drives fluorochemicals market growth. In addition, the increased use of fluorochemicals in various industries like HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) industry, applications in the food and beverages, construction and pharmaceutical industries are also rising.

Navin Fluorine Annual Report 2019


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