• During the year under review your company achieved a sale of Rs. 11,567.81 lakhs (previous year Rs. 10,647.53 lakhs) resulting in an increase of 8.64% over the previous year. The profit before tax is at Rs. 1780.28 lakhs (previous year Rs. 2281.40 lakhs) resulting in a decrease of 21.96%
  • The company’s expansion project in Tarapur has been completed and trial runs have been undertaken successfully. Capacity ramp up are expected in Q2 of the current financial year. We expect to have double digit growth in sales from the new capacity roll out.
  • The rate of growth in under developed markets is remarkable with the make locally campaigns running in different countries. While countries encourage the make local idea, the make local is restricted to the finished dosages markets. The technology to manufacture the APIs is still restricted to India and China thereby making this an unique opportunity for API producers. With the low cost manufacturing advantage that India offers, Indian firms are remarkably suited to take advantage of this situation for the next decade. The growth in sales will be fueled by the developing countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.
  • With a distinct niche of a wide range of products in the veterinary markets, we are poised to take advantage of this unique opportunity available to API producers in India. Our focus is not the developed markets of America, Europe and Japan but the developing markets in rest of the world. While these are price sensitive, the opportunity exists to enlarge market presence and deepen the reach. We plan to extend our reach in these markets and improve our performance by being one of the most cost competitive producers.
  • The company now manufactures 18 APIs in the veterinary range and 3 APIs for human health. These products belong to different therapeutic categories such as anthelmintics, endo paraciticides, ecto paraciticides, growth nutrients, etc in the veterinary range and angina, anti malarial and anti diarrheal in the human range. We expect to have continued growth with better market penetration.



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