• PAUSHAK is engaged in the manufacturing of phosgene based specialty intermediates and is India’s largest phosgene based specialty chemicals manufacturer while addressing the needs of pharmaceutical, agrochemical and performance industries. Global Phosgene Market is substantially large with very limited participation from India due to the regulatory constraints where major end use has been performance applications and have been dominated by Chinese and European manufacturers. Although Global Phosgene production is estimated to be more than couple of million tons, specialty segment servicing pharmaceutical and agrochemicals industries is around 5% only which is expected to grow at rate of 5-6% per year in next few years. Paushak sees a huge opportunity for itself and is focusing to grow as a niche specialty chemical player in global arena while offering an “India alternative” to global customers. The Company has been focusing to enhance the capacities for existing products while working with global majors for their requirements, including contract manufacturing, to take the business forward.
  • During the year under review, the Company had made an offer for Buyback of upto 1,25,000 (One Lac Twenty Five Thousand) fully paid-up Equity Shares of the Company of face value Rs. 10/- (Rupees Ten Only) each from all the fully paid-up equity shareholders / beneficial owners of the equity shares of the Company as on the record date on a proportionate basis, through the Tender Offer Route using stock exchange mechanism at a price of Rs. 1,700/- (Rupees One Thousand Seven Hundred Only) per Equity Share for a total consideration aggregating upto Rs. 21,25,00,000 (Rupees Twenty One Crore Twenty Five Lac only), excluding transaction costs, pursuant to shareholders approval dated 12th March, 2018.


  • The Company has been able to enhance the capacity utilisation while taking a big leap in manufacturing of intermediates for agrochemicals. In order to cater to rising customer demands and shrinking timelines, the Company has strengthen the R&D and operations while continuously deliberating on enhancing the effi ciency of its resources. The Company has been able to produce and launch new intermediates for various customers, for the fi rst time in India, and among the very few in the world. These efforts will continue to bring fruits to the business in future as well not only in Indian market but in international markets as well.
  • The pharmaceutical market is also showing the sign of revival in demand for Phosgenated intermediates resulting in higher business for the Company. With strong relationship already in place with various generic players, the Company is poised to take the benefi t and confi dent to grow the business further.
  • Cost competition and pricing pressure from Chinese manufacturers has been threat to the industry in general. The Company has continued its journey through improvement of operating efficiencies and optimizing input costs across the product portfolio. However, rising crude cost along with fluctuation in foreign currency pose significant risks for the business.
  • The Company also identifies safety aspect of hazardous chemicals handling, including Phosgene, as a key risk and has actively looked to evaluate the various technologies for up-gradation in this regard. The Company has put more emphasis on safety practices along with automation to minimise the risk and will continue to do so in future as well.

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