• Savita Oil Technologies Limited (SAVITA or the Company) is a home-grown specialty petroleum products company established by the eminent late Mr. N. K. Mehra in 1961. We have developed and manufactured a wide range of products including Transformer Oils, Liquid Paraffins, White Oils, Automotive and Industrial Lubricants, Coolants and Greases among others, in India. We are an innovation-driven company and our R&D facility is crucial for developing innovative products and solutions.
  • With our comprehensive product portfolio, we serve diverse industries such as Power Generation and Distribution, Automotive, Thermoplastic Rubbers, FMCG, Plastics, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Refrigeration, Polymers, among others. In addition to catering to a sizeable B2B clientele, our popular range of lubricants, greases and coolants are sold to retail customers under the brand SAVSOL.
  • White Oils and Liquid paraffin are highly refined, colorless and odorless mineral oils. These White Oils find applications in personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles and a host of industrial applications such as polystyrene and thermo plastic elastomers.
  • Transformer Oils are electrical insulating oils used in Distribution & Power Transformers, Switchgears and Circuit Breakers.
  • White Oils are manufactured from highly refined Base Oils. They are used as key ingredients in the manufacturing of Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Rubbers and several other processing applications.
  • We were one of the earliest private sector oil companies to set up a dedicated R&D unit certified by the Govt. of India’s Department of Science and Technology way back in 1976. Innovative technology has been the hallmark of our growth. We ensure high standards in quality, technological advancement and customer engagement. It is this persistent focus and application that has delivered profitable and sustainable growth. We maintain strong relationships with our customers and suppliers and we leverage their practical feedback to develop value-added products.
  • In the knowledge-centric world that we live in, adapting to new technologies and embracing change are essential for survival and growth.
  • Our goal is not restricted to just imparting skills but extend to ensuring their employability through constant engagement. SAVITA’s focus was to skill non-OE workshop mechanics. We also explored modern technology tools for educating mechanics.
  • Over the past couple of years, the sector has changed dramatically, in terms of issues, challenges and opportunities. With increasing demand for clean energy, even the mature wind power segment is witnessing a technological transformation. The National Institute of Wind Energy’s (NIWE) latest estimate for India’s wind power potential is 302 GW at 100 metre hub height. Manufacturers are constantly working on increasing the rotor diameter and tower height of their wind turbines for higher efficiency. A lot of research is being done to improve the performance and reliability of blades. There have been technological advancements in rotor blades with continuous development of aerodynamically advanced and robust designs in order to harness optimum energy from wind.
  • With a rising middle class and larger disposable income available, the consumer goods and FMCG sector has seen good growth over the last few years. With rapid urbanization continuing, consumer spending is likely to remain brisk over the next few years. This augurs well for the White Oil segment of your Company.

My view: The company has too many competitors, and hence the cash conversion cycle has been increasing over the past few years(while Castrol has negative cash conversion cycle). But the company is debt free. A mid cap worth looking)

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