• All over the world, people seek effective treatment and therapies. We aspire to give hope to people through the creation of efficacious medicines that not only provide medical benefit but are also affordable in the country where the patient lives.
  • Better disease treatment, higher efficacy and greater access to affordable medicines are fundamental to us. Steered by this vision, we strive to produce affordable medicines of highest quality, ensuring good health for people across the world. Powered by superior technology, strong R&D capability, robust manufacturing prowess and rich pool of scientific talent, we deliver advanced and effective medicines and services at affordable prices.
  • Shilpa Medicare is a leading specialty pharmaceutical company in the world, producing generic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and formulations for domestic and international markets. Our product portfolio is spread across oncology and non-oncology therapeutic areas, supported by outstanding manufacturing and R&D capability.
  • We have evolved into one of the leading global brands in manufacturing and supplying high-quality affordable drugs that address the needs of patients worldwide from a modest API manufacturer in 1987. In our journey spanning more than three decades, we have established a strong foundation in pharmaceuticals manufacturing with unwavering focus on quality, innovation and productivity.
  • We have three cutting-edge R&D centers located across India for developing unique and innovative products that conform to international quality standards. R&D competence is further complemented by our Intellectual Property Team, which is responsible for patenting innovations, enabling us to develop non-infringing medicines and strengthen product pipeline.
  • Intellectual Capital powers our ambition to build a strong portfolio of new drugs and therapies at affordable costs. Our team of highly skilled and dedicated scientists work relentlessly to deliver highest quality medicines.
  • The revenue of our Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) business declined by 16% on the back of its lower and insignificant contribution to the overall revenue. This move is in line with our conscious strategy to reduce our dependence on CRAMS business and push growth of our API and formulations business.
  • What is worth noting is that we managed to reduce our raw material costs considerably and expect to scale it down further in the coming years. A majority of our formulations are developed with APIs manufactured at our own plants.
  • We are focused on scaling up our core API and formulations business across oncology and non-oncology therapeutic areas and increase its contribution to the overall revenue in the long-term.
  • In another strategic move, we are building a world-class manufacturing unit of Transdermal Patch and Oral Films at Dabaspet, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. Transdermal Patches act as an alternative therapeutic for numerous diseases and are widely recognized due to their pain-free, convenient and easy application. Similarly, thin film drugs are highly effective and beneficial to patients. Growth of transdermal and thin film treatment is on the rise, especially in the global markets.
  • To sum up, all the above initiatives will take your Company to the next level of growth and success. We are thrilled to seize the opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to innovate to improve the lives of patients.
  • India is the largest provider of generic drugs globally. Indian pharmaceutical sector industry supplies over 50% of global demand for various vaccines, 40% of generic demand in the US and 25% of all medicines in UK.
  • The country also has a large pool of scientists and engineers who have the potential to steer the industry ahead to an even higher level. Presently, the Global Oncology/Cancer Drugs Market is expected to garner US$ 111,938.4 Million by 2020, registering a CAGR of 7.1% during the forecast period 2014 to 2020. Recent progress in biological therapies has widened the scale of therapeutic targets for treatment of cancer with the identification of tumor cell specific genes. Immunotherapies/biologics are emerging as potential therapies to find the permanent cure for various cancer types.
    My view: This is an oncology(cancer treatment) company in the mid cap space. Though their earnings visibility isn’t as good as some other established peers, it can form a small part of portfolio at the right price. 

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